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LANTA steering more hybrid buses onto Valley roadwaysLANTA s diesel-electric hybrid buses are almost identical in appearance (DAN HARTZELL, THE MORNING )July 13, 2014|Dan Hartzell | The Road WarriorQ: I am now retired, but during my Road Warrior days I took the LANTA bus from South Whitehall Township to downtown Allentown. (I also rode my bike for a real warrior experience, but that is for another day.) Since my retirement, LANTA has acquired hybrid buses. The stop-and-go of a bus route would seem to be an ideal application for hybrid technology, and I was wondering how these buses have been working out. Chuck Ermert, South Whitehall TownshipA: LANTA officials are happy with their hybrid buses, Chuck, and they've been expanding the fleet steadily since the first batch of five Prius-like vehicles rolled off the California assembly line and into the agency's Allentown garage in 2010."We now have 24" hybrids among the Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority's fleet of 83 full-size buses, or nearly 30 percent, authority Planning Director Owen O'Neil said.LANTA plans to acquire 13 more of the high-mileage vehicles, which use electric motors to supplement the diesel engines, over the next two years. If funding remains available, the long-range goal is to hit the road with an all-hybrid fleet.The vehicles save fuel, and thus expense, over the long road, though there's a substantial up-front gap to make up. In the most recent procurement, each 35-foot (33-seat) diesel-electric bus cost $590,000, versus $390,000 for the comparable diesel-only model from the same manufacturer, according to figures provided by O'Neil. The figures for the 40-foot, 39-seat buses LANTA also uses were $595,000 and $395,000, respectively.That's a 51 percent price premium and a $200,000-per-vehicle cost chasm. But it's one that eventually will be crossed, and LANTA expects to save money on the hybrids farther down the road, according to Executive Director Armando Greco."Just in view of the savings in fuel, it takes about nine years" to make up the difference, Greco said. LANTA generally keeps its buses for a minimum of 12 years. "There are other savings as well that only time will tell maintenance, engine wear, those types of things," he said.Batteries on the hybrids LANTA uses, made by Gillig of Hayward, Calif., once were projected to last about six years, but in practice they've been surviving longer, Greco said. He allowed that rebuilding or replacing batteries would be very costly, but officials still expect to save money over diesel-only vehicles."It's our goal to make all of our buses hybrids going forward if we can continue to secure the funding for the differential" in cost, O'Neil said. That could happen in as little as eight years, Greco added.How much costly diesel fuel do the high-tech hybrids save compared to the standard diesels?O'Neil said the shorter diesel buses have averaged 3.85 mpg, while the hybrids have managed 6.2 mpg, a 61 percent improvement. The comparable numbers for the 40-foot models are 3.5 mph and 6 mpg, or 71 percent better mileage with the electric assist.The buses utilize some of the same features as gasoline-electric hybrid automobiles such as the Prius, including regenerative braking, O'Neil said. In regenerative braking, applying the pedal makes the electric motor that normally helps drive the wheels spin in reverse, converting it from a motor to an electrical generator. It takes force to turn the generator, which helps slow the car, and the power created by the generator is sent to the battery to charge it.A LANTA driver I interviewed in 2010, after only a few months with the hybrids, said that after a very brief adjustment period, he liked the driving characteristics of the new vehicles quiet, with acceleration and handling comparable to the diesels. He noted that one of the few differences in the driving characteristics is the hybrid's altered braking action the result of the motor conversion though he said most drivers quickly adapted to the "feel" of the high-tech brakes.O'Neil said the authority fleet consists of roughly a 50-50 split between the 35- and 40-foot models. The smaller buses are assigned to routes with tighter turns and narrower roads, and of course, lighter passenger loads.Hybrid and all-electric automobiles, once thought to be the future darlings of the market, haven't quite lived up to some of the early hype, accounting for a small fraction of total sales. Asked why he thought that might be, given LANTA's positive experience with the technology, O'Neil said the hefty up-front cost is the likeliest factor."We get grant funding to pay for that cost differential," he said. "If you're a business or an individual, you might look at that and say, 'I don't have the money,' even though in the long run it might pay for itself."1 | | Featured ArticlesMore:Related ArticlesJanuary 9, 2008September 22, 2011October 5, 2010March 5, 2008Find More Stories About|||Please note the green-lined linked article text has been applied commercially without any involvement from our newsroom editors, reporters or any other editorial staff.

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